About T.R.U.E. TEST®

T.R.U.E. TEST® (Thin-layer Rapid Use Epicutaneous Test) is a ready-to-use patch test system for diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis.
The T.R.U.E. TEST® system consists of surgical tape/plaster (patch) containing individual allergens or allergen mixes - all well-known causes of contact dermatitis.
T.R.U.E. TEST® has been developed to first differentiate between allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis, and then to pinpoint the causative allergen.
T.R.U.E. TEST® is also helpful in the exclusion of contact allergy as a contributing factor in other eczematous conditions (e.g. atopic dermatitis, seborrhoic dermatitis, pompholyx and other patterns of eczema).
The T.R.U.E. TEST® patch test system is ready to use, easy to apply, saves time and provides reliable results. The system includes the most common allergens or allergen mixes - all selected in accordance with the recommendations of the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group (ICDRG).